How to order a sample book?

How to order a sample book?

Technical support in the process of ordering sample book for your company
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MILO - leader in the scope of manufacturing sample books in Poland

Welcome to the world of MILO!

A modern partner with 30 years of experience. MILO is Polish manufacturer with stable, award-winning position that has a developed production park powered by renewable energy. We offer a comprehensive service of companies in the scope of Premium advertisement sample books manufacture, starting from online consulting through prototype making up to cutting and elaborating samples followed by gluing, confectioning, and storing.

Our products are individual executions for global leaders in multi-million circulation, as well as budding start-ups that check the market’s potential with small batches. All of that is possible thanks to the skilful combination of fully automated production and manual, precise work of our long-term, experienced employees.

Premium sample books

or: How to present your Company’s offer in advertisement sample book by MILO
A sample book allows to present a broad and rich offer on a small, template space. A sample book gives the Customer the comfort of comparing shades, take it to an investment, etc.

MILO consultants specialise in optimising the sample book ordering process for brands from any industry.

sample book types

We differentiate 3 key types of samples:
SAMPLE BINDER: a structure consisting of two or more solid cardboard sheets with glued foam that allows to present samples in a clear and comfortable way

SAMPLE SUITCASE / BOX: in other words, a chest in which you can place samples stabilised with foam and “slack”

SAMPLE FAN DECK / CHARTS: allow to comfortably compare multiple shades and textures at once

sample binder

sample suitcase / box

sample fan deck / charts

division due to:

select sample book acc. to its functionalities,
application, and optimisation
  • sample binder
  • sample book
  • sample case
  • sample box
  • sample chest
  • sample of whole collection
  • sample fan deck
  • fabric charts
  • sample board
select sample book acc. to industry, in which
you operate, and utilised solutions
  • construction chemistry sample
  • glass sample
  • sample chart for profiles
  • fabric sample
  • tile sample
  • floor, skirting boards sample
  • cosmetics sample
  • lining sample
  • roller blind samples

important questions:

to order an optimal advertisement sample book
  • Who is your Customer and how does s/he prefer to view and select samples?
  • Does your sample book operate stationary like offer catalogue in showrooms? Does the book travel with your Salespersons and Business Partners in car, airplane, or trains?
  • Will the sample book represent your brand, also on trade fairs? In other words, do you need to truly make it stand out from the crowd?
  • Do samples of your offer require additional protection [e.g. glass, profiles, phials, tiles, etc.]? Do you require foam that stabilises samples and facilitates exposition?
  • Do you create your first sample book for your products? If yes, then you must use the wealth of our Prototype Studio and select the most optimal solution for brand that you create.

size and shape

sample book format depends on the shape and amount of samples
At MILO, every sample book is created on custom request and is fully personalised in terms of size and number of samples, which you plan to put inside it.

Show us your products and tell about your expectations and we will present you a whole range of solutions completed with suggestion, which form will be the best suited for your brand and industry.
This is an important planning stage and we are perfectly aware that you do not have this answer at the initial stage. For that reason, here at MILO you can test, check, and choose in our Prototype Studio!

securing samples

present and transport in a safe way
An optimal and most aesthetic way to secure samples in a sample book is to place them inside one of solutions that stabilise and enable an attractive presentation:

foam filling

cardboard filling

stamping filling


when a sample book starts to become a Premium product...
The sample book is antechamber to the world of your products and values that you create. Its workmanship, quality, functionality, and originality are synonymous with the brand you manage.

A broad range of solution waits for you at MILO, which for over 30 years advises the greatest global brands how to stand out from competition:

multifunctional sample books

sample book + presenter + table
Multifunctionality of sample book that we call 3-in-1:
  • traditional book form [easy to carry]
  • presenter / expositor [perfectly presenting specific samples and giving a view on each one of them]
  • table [to hang or place next to other samples and elements, which the Customer selects for interiors in this case]

sample of whole collection

Most often, we create unique and personalised solutions for our Customers.

We select and optimise the size, arrangement, layout, and safety of samples in terms of:
  • utility: when and how you use the sample book?
  • functionality: how do your Customers want or like to select samples?
  • aesthetics: how to make your sample book stand out and make it interesting to a potential recipient group?

sample box in flat form

What does a trade fair space look like? Everyone knows that!

You do not have to resign from offering patterns, samples, catalogues, etc. to Customers. Novelty from MILO - boxes in flat form in size 100% adjusted to your products.
Notice how much you can reduce costs of transport or storage!

eco-friendly sample book

when your brand is eco-friendly
At MILO you can order packagings made from certified raw resources that are completely biodegradable.

In addition, you can put on your packaging information regarding certification and built the communication of eco-friendly brand even better.
The whole MILO production process is powered by green energy from own photovoltaic farm

MILO Prototype Studio

Creating a box, which in numerous cases decides about taking a product from shelf, is often a fundamental stage for the brand’s success and prosperity.

At MILO you can create 1, 2, or any number of create solutions to choose the one that will satisfy your and brand Customers’ expectation in 100%. It is the only such professional Studio in Poland!
“MILO Outsourcing” Programme.
Your products our distribution!
Create your own brand with MILO!

You have an idea, but lack a production and storage facilities?
No problem! Create a brand and earn. We will handle the rest.
  • reduction and more effective control over operating costs,
  • ability to focus on key competences of your Company, which are the base of your competitive advantage,
  • using MILO’s resources, expert knowledge, and know-how,
  • increasing action flexibility through the ability to quickly react and adjust the activity scale
Own Brand manufactured at MILO

few inspiring executions:


or: optimisation, set, go!
  • we act ethically we are the winner of the Ethical Company plebiscite organised annually by the Puls Biznesu newspaper
  • we are Eco-friendly production is carried out using certified FSC resources and our whole machine park is powered by renewable energy sources
  • 12 months of quality warranty for each MILO product. We guarantee the replicability of our products
  • we invest in new production lines to provide our customers with innovative products at competitive prices

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trust is everything
We wait at full readiness!

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