For our products, we offer a wide range of accessories in the form of ring and lever mechanisms, clips, clamps, plastic or metal hooks, pockets for a business card or CD, handles, handles, dorsal rings, rado eyelets, metal corners, closures, foams and tabs for sample charts, paper fasteners, bookbinding screws, pendant rings, etc.
a01.jpgSnap closure (white, black, silver)
a02.jpgSpacer closure (white, black, silver)
a03.jpgVelcro closure (black, white)
a04.jpgElastic band closure (black, white, color)
a05.jpgPlastic locks (black, white)
a06.jpgPockets and CD holders
a07.jpgPVC corner pocket
a08.jpgPVC business card pocket
a09.jpgPen holders (metal, PVC)
a10.jpgLeather handle
a11.jpgPlastic handles (black, white)
a12.jpgDrawstring handles
a13.jpgPVC handles (rectangular, round)
a14.jpgEmbossed leather handle
a15.jpgRing mechanisms (2-4 rings)
a16.jpgLeverage mechanisms
a17.jpgClamps for mechanisms
a18.jpgWire type clips
a19.jpgMetal eyelets (black, silver, gold)
a20.jpgDorsal eyelet for finger
a21.jpgProtective corners (silver, black, gold, white)
a23.jpgProtective corner
a22.jpgMetal screws (silver, gold, black)
a24.jpgPlastic screws (black, white)
a25.jpgColor rivets (black, white, silver)
a26.jpgMetal hooks for patterns (silver, black, gold, color)
a27.jpgPlastic hooks for sample charts
a28.jpgHooks with a plastic crossbar
napy.jpgSnaps with a foot

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