oblique boxes

Oblique box
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Boxes made of diagonal lines are an excellent way to arrange, segregate and organize content, materials that are difficult to arrange in an aesthetic and interesting way on a daily basis. This packaging is also known as: newspaper holder, "cut" box or press box, its shape is a cube open at the top and on one of the sides. The design of the oblique box makes it easy to search for documentation, catalogs and other materials collected in one place.

Newspaper holders with a cover

We make oblique boxes from MILO in two technologies, from solid cardboard and corrugated cardboard, the latter proposal brings exceptional functionality, such a box can be folded flat and save a lot of space. The undoubted advantage of the diagonal boxes is the space that you can allocate for advertising and communication with the customer. We will make the entire graphic design according to your vision and expectations. And if you are sure that the newspaper holder will be frequently used, pulled out, moved, etc., you should consider calendering, which will make the box long-lasting and, above all, aesthetically pleasing despite the passage of time.
At MILO, we perfectly understand that some solutions need to be tested, checked, made sure, with such situations in mind, our prototype studio was created, in which we will create a symbolic number of boxes so that you can choose the optimal and best solution for your brand. You will learn about the details of the development process, numerous technical solutions and sample projects in cooperation with our sales department.

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