spatial stands

Spatial stands
ID: 666
The spatial stands are made of individual dies. Corrugated cardboard or cardboard is most often used for their production. Transport stands are folded flat, which facilitates their transport and reduces the need for free space. Our advertising stands are distinguished by a rich design, shapes and formats. We make dies according to individual customer needs. Spatial advertising stands could be used as product displays or as a free-standing advertising medium.
Spatial stands
ID: 668
As a manufacturer of stands, we offer various formats and sizes, ranging from small desk structures to large floor displays. We make an individual customer print using a high-quality offset technique. Additionally, the advertising stands can be enriched with the use of refinements such as offset varnish, glossy or mat foil. The unusual design of the spatial stands attracts the eyes of your potential customers. Promotion by means of stands is perfect for both company offices and large sales networks. We also offer other advertising stands. We invite you to check our offer.
Spatial stands
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