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Trunk with handle
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A box constituting a packaging for samples, products, sample charts of your brand is a unique realization, which as an "independent" marketing tool should be designed in accordance with several key parameters. First of all, plan where you plan to use your template with samples: stationary in several branches, stores, wholesalers, or maybe mobile and a suitcase box should be functional, light and perfectly present your offer after covering several hundred kilometers in a car or plane?

Manufacturer of trunks with a handle

Boxes from MILO, which act as a sample chart, a means of transport or a briefcase, are made of the highest quality certified solid cardboard, the entire production process is strictly planned and is subject to quality control at every step. Visually, you have a lot of solutions, ranging from the minimalist and modern ones, such as Eco veneers, laminating with a design only with a logo, using fabric veneers, etc., to the most eye-catching and eye-catching solutions, not only for customers, such as: glossy veneers, unconventional accessories such as leather or metal handles, belts, ribbons ... to fancy embossing.
MILO is a manufacturer that offers comprehensive services, you will commission us not only to produce and make a pattern, but also to develop and stick samples or pack samples and patterns, which you place in the pattern "in bulk", and finally also to store. But before we move on to a series of practical solutions, we encourage you to take advantage of the full range of MILO's offer: a prototype studio, consultation with our Advisors, the possibility of receiving free samples, a live meeting in our inspiring showroom, an online meeting with our marketing department and much more. Leave us your contact details and let's make a unique sample chart box for your brand.

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