round tube boxes

Round tube box
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The line of tube boxes in the MILO face offer a number of solutions dedicated to brands that plan to distinguish their offer from other classic box formats. They plan to provide their customers with additional experiences resulting from the possibility of presenting and displaying products in this form and they are undoubtedly positioning themselves in the premium brand sector. Round boxes are intuitive, extremely comfortable to hold in your hand, functional, take up less space and, above all, form a coherent whole with the products inside.

Manufacturer of tube boxes

At MILO, we create tube boxes from certified solid cardboard, which provides our products with durability, beautiful shapes, and also allows for the use of exceptional refinements. The tube box consists of two parts: the upper and lower parts, and often also a cuff. The space that you can design for the needs of the project is extensive and is perfect for the use of refinements: fabric veneers, with texture, laminating according to the indicated design, use of foil, hot stamping, ribbons, or e.g. selective UV varnish. Inside the box, protect your product with foam in one of dozens of unique colors.
Round boxes are a sensational solution for brands from the premium sector, where self-presenting packaging among competitors' boxes is crucial, and the customer makes a decision based on the external aesthetic values of the packaging. At MILO, before ordering the thousands of copies, you can and we strongly encourage you to make a prototype of your box to be absolutely sure that it meets all expectations. You will learn more details at one of MILO's Customer Advisors, during an online meeting or live at our company's headquarters, in Dobrzykowice, near Wrocław.

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