single clipboards

Single clipboards
ID: 562
Advertising clipboards are popular pads equipped with a clip for holding documents or notebooks. Necessary for any kind of training, lectures, presentations or sales representatives or interviewers. We produce clipboards in any format - A5 or A4 or other. We produce company pads from the highest quality solid cardboard, smooth on both sides, which prevents the cover from bending. We make individual customer prints on the pads using the digital or offset method. You can find company clipboards in a single version or a closed version - version with a cover. Thanks to the colorful print, they are an excellent advertising gadget.

Advertising clipboards from MILO manufacturer

Advertising clipboards
ID: 560
An individual customer's print can be refined with glossy or matte foil, UV varnish or a calender - the effect of a canvas / linen structure or orange peel. In order to enrich the product, we offer a number of accessories, such as pockets for leaflets or business cards, pen or CD holders and various types of clips - wire clip, clip with a pendant or a clip with a pen holder. The clip with a pendant allows you to hang an advertising clipboard on a wall, for example. Our offer includes advertising pens and notebooks with individual prints, which together with clipboards create a complete advertising set.
Single clipboard
ID: 561
We make advertising clipboards in any format, usually A4 or A5. Our clipboards with individual imprints are made of thick solid cardboard with a thickness of 2 mm or increased 2.5 mm, ensuring high stiffness and durability. We can equip them with wire clips, a clip with a pen holder and various serrated corner pockets and plastic pen holders. Clipboards are a great idea as a pad for notes, at conferences, trainings, surveys and other situations that require writing, or as an unusual advertising gadget. We make an individual imprint using the offset or digital technique, one or two-sided, secured with glossy or mat foil. We offer printing of company notebooks, leaflets and pens with a logo, which are a set with an advertising clipboard. Clipboards with an individual MILO print are a guarantee of the highest quality.

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