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Fabric sample charts
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In the decorating industry, fabric samples are used to compare samples, roller blinds, pleats, curtains, etc. A convenient book form makes it easier to browse patterns and evaluate their values by touch. The sample charts can be closed with a magnet and equipped with a ring mechanism for fastening materials or a plastic handle for easy portability. The samples are perfect as presenters for traders and catalogs in distribution networks. They are an indispensable element of equipment for roller blind sellers, in furniture stores, with curtains and wherever it is important to present all the properties of the fabric.

Manufacturer of fabric and roller blinds samples

Shutter sample charts
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We make advertising samples on high-quality solid cardboard. Offset printing. As a manufacturer, we recommend many types of refinements, such as HARD matt foil, velvet foil or a cover with a canvas structure. Fabric advertising samples and samples for the presentation of roller blinds most often come in the form of suitcases with a handle and a mechanism, catalogs / binders or hanger sample charts. We offer comprehensive service along with packaging samples for sample charts. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our sample projects including patterns of roller blinds and fabrics. Each of them is created based on individual customer requirements. Projects are personalized according to specific needs and in accordance with the future use of the sample charts.
Fabric sample charts - straight from the manufacturer
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High quality, comprehensive implementation

Ridge for fabric
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