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Slipcase box
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Slipcase boxes are a unique solution that allows you to form one coherent whole: a set for a given collection, special edition, trilogy, the entire collection ... The box has the shape of an open cube, thanks to which, apart from the extensive advertising space on the box, we can easily present the interior: titles, numbers, series of e.g. books, CDs, catalogs. Boxes from this line are made of solid cardboard, otherwise known as rigid, therefore it is long-lasting and at the same time ecological, but most of all it presents its contents in an exclusive and inviting way. It is a form for products, series, collections that transfer the recipient from the very first moments to the world of products that you offer.

Manufacturer of Slipcase boxes

Slipcases from MILO are made of the aforementioned solid cardboard, with a matched weight, which is a solid foundation for the structure of the products, elements that we place inside. We design and adjust the entire box to the "filling", i.e. products, books, CDs, albums, games and others, so that they fit perfectly and down to the millimeter in the marketing idea of your brand. From the outside, you can refine the box in any way: both with the designed graphics, which we laminate the entire packaging, as well as premium solutions, e.g. fabric veneer with shiny, expressive Hot stamping applied, veneer with a texture, in a specific color and structure or, for example, with local UV varnish, emphasizing key content on the project.
If you are looking for an idea for an effective and eye-catching solution that acts as a "buckle" for several elements that make up a whole, a slipcase box will be a tasteful, innovative and expressive solution. For 30 years we have been advising companies on how to present their products and brands in a way that fully meets their marketing goals, feel free to use it by arranging an individual consultation with one of MILO's Customer Advisors. We are at your service!

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