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Drawer box
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A retractable box, or drawer box, is a great proposition if the product for which you are looking for packaging should be stable, opened intuitively and perfectly secured. The box in this line of products from MILO is a response to the needs of the beauty industry, CBD oils, but also business, events and many others. The intuitive form of opening and closing is an advantage and, at the same time, a huge advantage over competitive solutions. At MILO, drawer boxes are waiting for you at attractive prices, because our machinery near Wrocław enables multi-million production in a very short time, on a fully automated line.

Manufacturer of drawer boxes

In terms of technology, a drawer box is the easiest way to compare a drawer, hence its name. It consists of two parts, a drawer and a slide, the whole thing is made of certified solid cardboard with the grammage indicated by you. You can design the box in any way that is most attractive to your brand. If you are looking for minimalism and communicate as ECO FRIENDLY, a box with an eco-veneer, with a delicate print or with dry embossing, will be perfect. If, on the other hand, you wish that "no one would pass by the box with your products indifferently," use one of the hundreds of veneers [fabric, textured, 3D and others], apply a local UV varnish and use a ribbon to help you pull out the "drawers". Create, check, stand out!
Because each implementation in MILO is made according to individual orders and its size, form, solutions and numerous refinements are the result of compliance with the brand's marketing policy, model of communication with the market and your intuition, you have the opportunity to create a packaging that will be "unforgettable". And attention, you do not need to know about it, at MILO there is a team of Advisors with many years of experience waiting for you. We will call you back?

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