rigid box with lidl

Bottom-lid box
ID: 250
This most popular type of boxes is a perfect combination of a practical form [the box consists of a bottom, which is a safe foundation for the structure, and a lid that closes and protects the products presented in it] and the possibility of displaying the product, i.e. using all aesthetic values. Advertising boxes bottom lid from MILO is an individual, fully automated production dedicated to your brand, so each box is perfectly matched to the needs of the product you plan to place inside.

Manufacturer of two-piece boxes

The selection and use of certified raw materials, on which we work at MILO, is the beginning of work on the box, solid cardboard with a specific structure is the skeleton of the structure, in the next steps we will focus on how to protect and perfectly display the products inside, e.g. using matched foam, cardboard an embossing or elegant wrapping paper. In order to finally add nobility to the packaging and absolutely distinguish it from the competition, apart from the obvious laminating [wrapping the box with any designed graphics], in MILO you will make beautiful refinements: logo embossing, e.g. with gold foil, decorating with local UV varnish, paper with a fabric, structural structure or e.g. soft touch foil. You can display the logotype with hot stamping in one of the many colors available in the offer.

Premium packaging

Advertising boxes from MILO, which are the "home" for the products in your offer, are one of the key elements in building a strong, prestigious and reliable brand, because when the product finally leaves warehouses and stands in symbolic competition with competing boxes on the shelf, it has only one task left to be elected. At MILO, together with our experienced Customer Advisors, you will create boxes, e.g. bottom, lid, which sell, delight and cannot pass by indifferently.

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